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Founded on compassion

I began The Home Loan Specialists in January of 2011 with 1 goal in mind. Help as many people as possible avoid foreclosure and gracefully exit their homes through a short sale. Since then, I have assisted hundreds of families in hardship to get out from under their home and begin rebuilding their lives. The Home Loan Specialists work as your advocate through the short sale process. We work with your lender(s) and request they allow you to be approved for a short sale so you can sell your home and move on without owing them the money you are upside down on the home for. I genuinely understand how important communication is during this process so I am always quickly available to my clients for any questions at any time. I look forward to assisting you through this difficult time. There are better days ahead.



Our philosophy

"To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity"

                               ~Douglas Adams


Our specialities

We facilitate short sales for homeowners who are upside down on their home and experiencing a hardship. 


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The Home Loan Specialists

11 Hummingbird Lane Hudson, NH 03051 US

Mobile Phone: (603) 860-7130 Fax: 603-821-9826 Email: Licensed by the NH Banking Department Debt Adjustor License # 21434-DA



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We are always here working for you. Due to COVID-19 all meetings will be conducted via telephone. 

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